What Would You  Achieve…  If You Could Change Your Limiting Beliefs?

“Whatever the mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE.”

Napoleon Hill

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Limiting Beliefs ?

Our life is mostly run by our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind stores all our life experiences, memories, situations and BELIEFS.

Do you say to yourself:
``I Don't Deserve This``
``Life is too hard``
``Life is a struggle``

If any of this sentences is part of your self talk, you probably have some limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts.

Find out how to identify them and a step by step guide on how to change them for your best and highest good.

The ThetaHealing® Technique Will Help You To

Top Benefits Of ThetaHealing®

 Change Limiting Beliefs

Your subconscious mind accepts all the statements you feed it. It doesn’t question them. Clearing or changing this statements or beliefs allow us to live a different reality.

 Spiritual Growth

ThetaHealing® can positively enhance your spiritual journey by allowing a clear communication with the Creator of All That Is. This will boost your spiritual growth. 

 Release Fears and Phobias

Fear is an emotion that does not allow us to move forward. With ThetaHealing we find the belief behind the fear and change it so you can move forward.

 Clearer Intuition

Intuition is a gift that we all have, with ThetaHealing we enhance this intuition allowing it to work for us and to improve our abilities.

 Stress Management

ThetaHealing® can help you release negative emotions that are not serving your highest purpose and could be creating stress in your life. Instantly resolving deep negative emotional issues is a truly amazing experience that will transform your life.

 Find Your Path

The ThetaHealing technique allows you to enhance your abilities within your career and can even show you which career path to take if you are at a crossroads. Again, negative beliefs, feelings and programs can make you feel very stuck. 

 Improve Physical Health

By clearing limiting beliefs and emotions, traumas held in our body using ThetaHealing.  It will allow the body to live in a more relaxed environment.

 Finance, Wealth and Abundace

We usually carry quite a lot of negative beliefs surrounding finance and money. ThetaHealing will allow you to develop a healthier relationship with money and watch how abundance fills your life. 

 Great Relationships

ThetaHealing® allows you to find harmony within you,  as a result harmony with others. By practicing this technique you will resolve issues, negative beliefs and feelings within you, that will launch your relationships to a different new level.

What Is ThetaHealing® ?

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What You Can Find At Limitless Evolution!

Our mission is to empower your search for consciousness awareness, amazing health and ways to create your own reality with tools that create a happy, healthy and successful life.

What if you had the knowledge and Creator’s truth on what happiness really is? Do you know, really know, what happiness is? Or joy? Or any other feeling that we might think we know? Would you like to experience what joy really feels like? Would you like to know what it is to be accepted, cherished, abundant, happy and fulfilled?

Individual Sessions

Everybody lives a different reality, everybody has their own beliefs system, worries and challenges. Working on an individual basis we are able to concentrate our efforts into what is really affecting you in any area of your life and clear limiting beliefs that may be holding back.

This is a very powerful technique as our aim is that by the end of the session you will feel the difference in where you were and what you can become from now on.

What This Session Will Do For Me ?

Courses And Training

Our Thetahealing courses are a great opportunity for you to learn the technique and start creating the reality that you really deserve to live. This will empower you and others to have the right tools to change theirs lives and reach your full potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Change My Religion To Practice ThetaHealing®?

No,  ThetaHealing® is a technique, not a religion. ThetaHealing® is open to all people regardless of their religion. In ThetaHealing® we teach people from all religions. We believe every religion is beautiful and wonderful.

ThetaHealing®  works whether you believe in a higher intelligence or not, as long as you believe it is possible for you to heal and that you genuinely want to heal.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A lot of work can be covered in a short amount of time with ThetaHealing®. The amount of sessions needed will vary from person to person on what they want to accomplish. Many times clients will experience a shift within one session, however sometimes the belief systems around the issue are more complex and need deeper belief work done over a few sessions to achieve their desired change. To determine how many sessions you will need ahead of time would really depend on the negative subconscious belief systems attached to your issue and how fast they reprogram into positive and empowering ones.

Why This Technique is Called ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing is essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave; which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is — the energy in everything — to identify issues and witness healing on the physical body, and also to identify and change limiting beliefs.

What Can I Expect During A ThetaHealing® Session?

Each practitioner has his or her own style. In general an appointment begins by the practitioner asking permission to connect to your energy. Then you will be asked what it is you would like to work on. Or, if you have nothing specific to work on, you might be asked, “If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?”

The ThetaHealing technique has been used to address a wide variety of physical and emotional issues.

A typical appointment includes an intuitive scan, belief work, and a healing. The practitioner will probably teach you to use applied kinesiology or muscle testing, to see what beliefs you have that may trigger the area you are seeking to change. Nothing is changed without your permission. And the practitioner should ask your verbal permission for every belief change and for any healing that is done.